KURA cooking


The flowers of Plum

It is becoming warmer and warmer

There are a lot of white cute flowers on the Plum tree.

They are really beautiful!

I cut some and put them in the vase for decoration.

In summer, it will have a lot of plums.

Well, I ‘m really looking forward to seeing them.

My mouth is already watery.

It will be a good experience for students to see the Plum blossoms through the window

during Kura-cooking’ lesson room.

Please come and enjoy the wonderful view.


Let’s cook together with plum blossoms.





TV program “Hanasaka Times” was over

Kura-cooking was recorded for 2 days.

We had a very good time with famous talented artists, Naomi Watanabe and Azusa Babazono.

Kura-cooking was on air for about 10 min.

The first scene was a view  around my house, next was the kitchen, the dining room,

main building, and the gold screens which are my family treasures.

I appreciate the staffs of CBC television.

Every picture and video was really gorgeous and wonderful.

Everybody enjoyed them.

I had a lot of reflection points when I watched it.

I was a bit nervous but I don’t know why those parts were kept out.

It was an exciting experience for me to see how the handsome cameraman put together

all the pictures he took on the show.

I sincerely thank CBC television staffs, Naomi Watanabe and Azusa Babazono.

I am grateful to all people who were able to watch it.

Please support Kura-cooking from now on.




Red Pearl

Now is the best season of strawberries.

In my garden, there are some set of strawberries, but there are no leaves.

In fruit shops there are a lot of fully riped strawberries.

There are many kind of strawberries.

Today I ate one of them “Red Pearl”

It is made of strawberry of “Toyonoka” and “Eyeberry”

It has low production, so it is valuable.

The inside is really red.

This year it got the first prize in the exhibition.

They said it was the legend strawberries.

These berries are not so sweet but full-bodies.

So they are good for parfait.

I ate the rare red pearl parfait by myself.

I was really happy.

Of course

I ate a pack of ” red pearl “ that I bought as souvenir for my son and husband who like strawberries very much.

I also ate it again! Thank you nice strawberries.



Yuzu Yuzu

I harvested a lot of Yuzu.

I made Yuzu jam as usual.


There are a lot of jam in the 28cm pot.

I washed Yuzu, then boil until soft.

Separated skin and inside.

Chopped skin

Squeezed inside ( There are a lot of pectin)


Put chopped skin and squeezed inside into water from boiled yuzu.

Heat until it’s thicker.

What do I make this year?

I made Yuzu pannna cotta!

It is good taste for adults.


Pickled Japanese ginger

I pickled a lot of small Japanese gingers from my garden as shown above.

Add rosemary and bay leaves to it.

Oh, fashionable!

Well, what to make?

Eat it as it is.

Eat it as topping for something.

Good for terrine.

Good for sweets

I’m so excited with my garden.

I love blessings from nature.


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