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July’s cooking class


A rose which I planted in June blossomed in my garden. Its name is“Namie”. It has a really elegant smell.

I love it.

This month’s menu is all very good for summer.

I served home-made red basil juice as a welcome drink.


The menu was:

Grilled fish with mayonnaise sauce, cucumber stuffed with mashed potato, Boiled layered Ratatouille,

Fresh soy bean cake, Mixed rice with pickled scallions and sesame, Cool tomato soup,

Soybean powder dumplings

Grilled fish with mayonnaise: It is easy to cook but tasty. This sauce is good for other grilled fish or chicken.

Boiled layered Ratatouille: It is Japanese style Ratatouille. There are a lot of summer vegetables. We can eat a lot easily.

Cucumber stuffed with mashed potato: It is cute looking. Mashed potato and cucumber is a good combination.

Fresh soybean cake: It is cake, but it isn’t sweet. A lot of nuts and soybeans in it.

It is good for breakfast, too.

Boiled layered Ratatouille: This recipe is a Japanese traditional way. There are a lot kinds of vegetables.

Mixed rice with pickled scallions and sesame: It is summer taste, a little spicy and a little sour.

Cold tomato soup: It is made with tomato juice. Its color is light pink. It makes our appetite sharpen.

Soybean powder dumplings: It is the taste of Kyoto. Soybean powder is good for the skin.

Every student was very enjoyed to make these dishes. They said, they could eat a lot of summer vegetables in these recipes.

The heat is forecasted to continue, please eat a lot kinds of food and take care of yourself!

Classes in August

“Let’s enjoy Japanese cooking”    ¥4000

8(Tue.)   10:30~14:30

“Let’s enjoy Afternoon tea”    ¥3000

25(Fri.)/27(Sun.) 10:30~13:30

Classes in September

“Let’s enjoy Japanese cooking”  ¥4000

12(Tue.) / 13(Wed,) 10:30~14:30

“Let’s enjoy Afternoon tea”    ¥3000

22(Fri.)/30(Sat.) 10:30~13:30

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July’s cooking class for foreigner


Some Brazilians and Spaniards took part in my cooking class in July.


They could make Japanese dishes very well and eat all of them.

The welcome drink for one class was home-made red basil juice and for the other cherry blossom tea.


Everybody said “They are delicious!” I was happy to hear that.

There are 6 dishes.

Teriyaki chicken, Cucumber stuffed with potato, Chopped cooked carrots, Egg-and- sesame rice,

Miso soup. Red Japanese basil rice cake

Everybody enjoyed cooking.


The most popular dish was “Miso soup”

The Brazilians loved home-made miso and they took it to their home to make miso soup there. They sent me a picture.

Next February they will attend a lesson about making home-made miso.

I’m looking forward to making miso with them.

The red basil rice cake was doughy, they liked it.

The color was a really good pink, it looks good in summer.

We also made white rice cake. Red and White are good colors for cerebrations in Japan.

The class for the Spaniards included the tea ceremony.

We put on Yukata in one of the classes.  They felt Japanese by wearing Yukata.


They enjoyed mixing Japanese bitter tea.

They also liked the golden screens, alter, sliding doors, tatami, ・・・etc.

I had a very exciting time, I’m grateful to the students.




June’s cooking class


Some kinds of hydrangea were in full bloom in my garden last month. I cut some and displayed them in the classroom. They set off the Japanese dishes we made

Last month’s dishes are original Nagoya dishes:

I served some sweet summer orange juice which I had squeezed from the sweet summer oranges in my garden as a welcome drink.

The Menu was:

Grilled chicken wings, Stir-fried kelp and carrots、Rolled tube shaped fish paste cake、Lightly pickled yam and cucumber, Rice balls with shrimp, Shrimp miso soup, Sweet rice jelly made with sake lees and green tea

Grilled chicken wings: It is a special Nagoya dish. The sweet spicy sauce was really tasty. The chicken wings we used in this class were bigger than the usual ones. They were very filling


Stir-fried kelp and carrots: It is easy to season the noodle-like dried kelp. It is a good food to make simple stewed dishes with.

Rolled tube- shaped fish paste cake: It is a good dish for packed lunches. Japanese basil and sour plum make a good stuffing.

Lightly pickled yam and cucumber: The seasoning was salt-marinated rice malt and Yuzu pepper. It is good for health in this season.

Rice balls with shrimp: We used special shrimp called “Angel shrimp”. They were really sweet.

The rice balls were smaller than usual ones. We could eat a lot of them.


Shrimp miso soup: The broth was made from the shrimp which were used in the rice balls with shrimp. It had a really delicate taste.

Sweet rice jelly made with sake lees and green tea: Sweet rice jelly is an original Nagoya sweet. But I’ve never heard of making it with Sake lees.

Every student was very pleased to make these dishes. Most students had never made anything like them, at home. I hope they will serve them to guests from now on

Let’s introduce Nagoya dishes to many people!

Classes in July

“Let’s enjoy Japanese cooking”

10(Mon.)・11(Tue.)10:30~14:30  ¥4000

“Let’s enjoy Afternoon tea”

27(Thu.)13:30~16:00        ¥3000

Classes in August

“Let’s enjoy Japanese cooking”

8(Tue.)・9(Wed.)10:30~14:30   ¥4000

“Let’s enjoy Afternoon tea”

25(Fri)・27(Sun)13:30~16:00    ¥3000

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May’s afternoon tea class

The rosemary in my garden is really green and spreads its good scent now.

Jam from the last sweet summer oranges from my garden was also ready to eat.

2017.5ローズマリー (2)  甘夏みかん (2)


Well, what could we make?


We made rosemary scones and Jaffa cakes after drinking home-made honey lemon juice

2017.5アフタヌーンテイーを楽しみましょう (3)


The rosemary scones were white and green, and the scent was really nice.

We added some cheese powder to flour, eggs, butter, baking powder, and fresh rosemary, so they would have been okay to eat with a meal.

Of course they were good to eat with some clotted cream and some berry jam.

The Jaffa cake is made with marmalade and chocolate. The combination was wonderful!

2017.5玉ねぎのサンドウィッチ   2017.5アフタヌーンテイー材料

We also made sandwiches using with new onions and Kaya jam sandwiches.

No students had eaten sandwiches with new onions. They were surprised to hear the name, but they enjoyed eating them.

Since the class they have often made them at home and have sent me some pictures of them.

Kaya jam is made of coconut milk, sugar, and milk. It is a really rich jam.

2017.5今月の紅茶   2017.5アフタヌーンテイーを楽しみましょう

We drank 2 kinds of tea, Darjeeling and Damask rose tea with no caffeine.

Both had a good sent and helped us relax.


I am very grateful to the students for coming to this lesson.

I hope they will enjoy English tea time at home.

Classes in June

Let’s enjoy Japanese cooking


Let’s enjoy afternoon tea



Classes in July

Let’s enjoy Japanese cooking


Let’s enjoy Afternoon tea

7/28(Fri.)10:30~14:30  7/30(Sun)  13:30~16:30


Saturdays and Sundays are available for holding a class. Please feel free to contact me.

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In May’s cooking class

2017.55月の膳 (4)  2017.5ウェルカムフラワー  2017.5杏仁豆腐マーマレード添え

There were a lot of seasonal foods in my class last month.

It had been difficult to get squids and clams until last month but luckily

I could get them from fishermen directly. So, I made some dishes using them.

May’s menu:

Squid stuffed with rice/ Fresh Japanese- style spring roll / Rolled kelp with yam /

Sweet summer oranges with shallots/Egg tofu/ Clam udon/ Apricot milk jelly with marmalade

The dish sweet summer oranges with shallots was the best one this month.

It was really fresh and every student was surprised at seeing it at first.

The squids were baby squids so we could eat them in little bites.

There was spicy beef in the fresh Japanese-style spring rolls so we didn’t use extra sauce.

Each student could roll them very well. Rolled kelp with yam was a really simple dish.

We usually eat rolled kelp in New Year’s dishes, but kelp is good for beauty,

so I hope  women will eat it throughout the year. We used soft kelp this time.

Sweet summer oranges with  shallots were really fresh. Shallots are good in this season,

I feel they makes the inside of one’s body clean.

Making egg tofu was really simple, too. It was tastier than the one we bought.

All Japanese likes clam udon, don’t they? The broth was really nice.

It was the first time to make a noodle recipe here at Kura.

Dessert was apricot milk jelly with marmalade. The marmalade was made from oranges from my garden.

2017.5 きょうにんそう  甘夏みかん (2)

All the students enjoyed the home-made marmalade. I showed them how to make marmalade,

and gave them some oranges to make it.

I really appreciated cooking with the students, talking with them, and eating with them.


Classes in June

Let’s enjoy Japanese cooking


Let’s enjoy afternoon tea



Classes in July

Let’s enjoy Japanese cooking


Let’s enjoy Afternoon tea



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