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There are a lot of buds of artichoke in my garden.
Artichoke is a perennial plant.
I planted these artichokes last year. (See the picture on top)


I harvested these and steam.
In England, they eat it with salt in this season.
This time, I ate it with basil sauce thinking about England.

It was a little sweet, soft and flaky texture
Artichoke has a lot of dietary fiber, it has one and half times more fiber than burdock.
I will make marinated artichoke with olive oil.
Then I will make artichoke sandwich, pizza.
Or I want to drink wine with marinated artichoke.
Hope I can get a lot of  bulbs!


Kura-cooking was really exciting in April

In April, We had many exciting events in Kura cooking

We had some regular lessons. Moreover, the most exciting event was the appearance of Kura-cooking on TV program “ Hanasaka times” with Naomi Watanabe and Azusa Babazono.


They enjoyed 5 Sakura dishes, “Steamed fish with Sakura leaf” “Sakura sushi”, “Steamed cabbage with Marinated Sakura”, “Sakura soup”, and “Sakura steamed Japanese cake”



Afternoon tea lesson for junior high school students who are interested in European culture was held.


We made classic scones, Flapjack, cucumber sandwich, Sakura paste sandwich and enjoyed English milked tea.

Family cooking lesson for mom and daughter who lives alone and mum and son who will go abroad.

I gave a lot of advice for the dishes.


Kura cooking can make original lesson like those mentioned above.

Please contact me for any lessons you may want to take.

In regular lessons of Japanese dishes, we enjoyed Boy’s festival dishes.

I displayed peony from my garden, and served special quince honey juice.

Quince honey juice is good for sore throat during this season.

Menu: Steamed bream with Maccha, Stir-fried bamboo shoot and Szechuan pickles, Black beans and Mozzarella cheese salad, Chinese steamed glutinous rice, Bream soup, Mugwort Japanese cake


Spring was good season for bream. Bream and Maccha was a really good combination. We used fish bones and fish head to make soup. It was really tasty. It was also a good season for bamboo shoot. Bamboo shoot match with Szechuan pickles. Black bean are used for Boy’s festival from old time, so we made black bean salad.

Chinese steamed glutinous rice is made in China this season. Many Chinese family make it. Mugwort Japanese cake was a good taste for spring.

Probably most students made these dishes during the Golden week.

Afternoon tea lesson was usual.

A student ordered soya residue scone before, so we made it this month.


We ate this with clotted cream and jam which Queen Elizabeth loves. It was really delicious.

Éclair with custard cream and tofu cream were small size. The students could eat all.

They also liked steamed cabbage and anchovy sandwich.


Tea was Darjeeling first flash and cherry tea. Both have good scent.

We enjoyed eating, drinking, chatting.

Reservation is starting for May and June, please contact me.

I’m waiting for your mails or phone calls.


≪Let’s enjoy Japanese cooking≫ 10:30~14:30


*5/13 lesson in English


≪Let’s enjoy Afternoon tea≫10:30~13:30



Private lesson is available. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.





Kura-cooking in March

The keyword in March was Sakura (Cherry blossoms)

We used a lot of salt marinated cherry flowers and leaves in Japanese cooking and afternoon tea making classes.

We also made original miso.

The flower of the day was Sakura, welcome drink was Chinese quince honey tea which was good for sore throat because of pollen allergy or cold. I made it last summer using the Chinese quince from my garden.

≪Let’s enjoy Japanese cooking≫

Sakura rice, Chinese dumpling with Sakura, Sakura with fresh onion, cooked tofu residue with Sakura,Sakura tasted miso soup, Sakura Japanese steam cake

Steamed rice and pink cherry flowers was really a good taste, Sakura dumplings were really cute, Sakura flavored miso soup was really delicious, white and pink onion was really elegant, Little cubes of sweet potatoes in Tofu residue with Sakura was crunchy. Naomi Watanabe and Azusa Babazono loved Steamed fish with Sakura leaves and Sakura Japanese steamed cake.

I think Sakura menu this year was excellent!

≪Sakura Afternoon tea ≫

Sakura scone with clotted cream and Sakura jam, baked cheese cake with tofu cream and strawberry,

Sakura steamed Japanese cake, Sakura tea, Sakura rooibos tea

Sakura scone’s color was good, everybody loved it.

Tofu cream was made from tofu and lemon from my garden. It was really fresh.

Sakura rooibos tea was good to drink. Nobody knew the Sakura rooibos tea.

Sakura tea and milk was better than Sakura tea without milk. We felt more Sakura flavor from Sakura tea with milk.

Sakura blossom is gradually coming to and end, but we are happy we could make Sakura dishes in Kura-cooing for a month.

Miso making classes ended in March.

A lot of people from Tokyo came to Kura-cooking to make miso. We had a very good time.

The people who came for the miso cooking classes were always happy and laughed throughout. The happiness and laughter made the miso more delicious and this wonderful miso will last for the whole year. Therefore, I look forward to another happy and joyful miso making classes next year

Please always be happy and put on a smile while cooking. It adds taste to the dish.

The Kura-cooking experience with Naomi Watanabe and Azusa Babazono was one of the most delicious because they were both singing and laughing while cooking, and at the end the dish was so delicious.

The Whole cooking experience with them will be broadcasted on CBC TV this Saturday April 7th from 9:25 to 11am. Please watch it.




Cooking class in January

In January, I used a lot of dried food with a lot of mineral.

Minerals have a detox effect. It is good for our health after consuming too much food and drink.

The welcome drink was Yuzu tea.

The welcome flower was a “winter sweets”

I had “Japanese traditional cooking classes,”Afternoon tea classes”, and “Making miso



Japanese traditional cooking classes”


Cooked pork, Cooked dried radish with tomato sauce, Chinese cabbage and Yuzu salad,

Egg custard with lily bulbs, Mix dried persimmons and Mascarpone cheese

Heart-shaped rice, Yuzu panna cotta

“Afternoon tea classes”



Quinoa chocolate cake, Yuzu Chocolate mousse,

Miso bread with smoked salmon, Japanese style Minestrone soup

Making Miso



I made miso from 3 kinds of malts.

Boiled soy beans → mash them → mix malt and salt with it ・・・

Wait for 1 year.

See you next year!


Every students loved all classes.

Thank you for coming and see you in February!



November’s Japanese cooking

It’s November but Christmas has already come to Kura.

Every student enjoyed Japanese style Christmas cooking in Kura.


I was excited seeing the faces.

Outside and inside of Kura is celebrating Christmas


The number of Christmas ornaments is increasing every year.

Many students are looking forward to seeing new Christmas ornaments.

Welcome drink was a pomegranate juice. I took many pomegranates from my garden.

I also put sliced lemon which was taken in my garden on the drink.

It looked really elegant.

All students drank it and ate pomegranates. We can eat the seeds, too.

The seeds aren’t hard to eat and are a little sweet.

They say pomegranate is a women’s fruit. It is helpful for a balanced diet.



Hot shrimp Japanese style

Deep fried dried tofu

Potato salad with tofu mayonnaise

Salad of mustard leaves and spring onion

Paprika sushi

Lotus root soup with wolfberries.

Steamed apple cake.

≪Hot shrimp, Japanese style≫

We used a species of shrimp  “ angel shrimp”

They were quite big so we were full after eating just 3 shrimps.

≪Deep fried tofu≫

Most people eat chicken on Christmas day.

It is like chicken. So please try dried tofu instead of chicken this year.

≪Potato salad with tofu mayonnaise≫

We made tofu mayonnaise instead of usual mayonnaise.

It is really healthy.

There is a lot of chopped fresh onion and corn. Pink pepper made it really cute.

≪Salad of mustard leaves and spring onion≫

Mustard leaves and spring onion were from my garden.

Both were very fresh and tasty with lemon salt.

≪paprika sushi ≫

We made vegetable sushi. Their color was Christmas color and small sizes to eat easily.

It is good for the party.

≪Lotus roots soup≫


It is good for sore throat. Its white color is just like snow, Red wolfberries are good accent for soup.

≪Steamed apple cake≫

Red apple and green tea gave the Christmas color. It wasn’t so sweet.

Western Christmas dishes are good, but Japanese Christmas dishes are better/

What do you think about my Christmas recipes?

I will be happy if you will include a few of my recipes in your Christmas dinner,

I wish you a Merry Christmas with your family


Schedule of Kura-cooking in advance

Let’s cook Japanese dishes


1/10 (火)・11(Wed)


Let’s enjoy afternoon tea




I will be waiting for your inquiries.

Please feel free to contact me if you can’t come on any of the days above..



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