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Kura-cooking in December

We made Japanese traditional New Year dishes in December.
There was a brilliant Christmas tree in the classroom and we made New year’s dishes.
It was really funny.
But in England they display the Christmas tree until January 7th.
My family also do that, because we like Christmas tree, we don’t want to put it away soon after Christmas.
We always enjoy eating New Year dishes while looking at the Christmas tree.


I served home-made Chinese quince with honey tea as a welcome drink, it was good for sore-throat.

The table flower was fresh rose and preserved flower arranged in a box.


We put all the dishes we made in one of the nest of the boxes.
It was Wajima lacquer ware.
We call it “Wajimanuri” which was the best lacquer ware in Japan.


Ginko rice was for luck with money, Cooked shrimp for long life until bending at the waist, Cooked vegetables for good luck, Sweet egg roll with fish paste, White like snow taro and baby sardines, Happy red and white soup, Healthy lilly bulb Japanese cake
Every students loved them and enjoy putting them in the boxes.

Afternoon tea class was Christmas version


Christmas pudding from Harrods in England, Stollen made by Kura-cooking, Kaya jam sandwiches from Singapore, Christmas cookies, wolf berried scones.

We drank Christmas tea and rose tea from Bettys in England.
Wolf berries scones were beautiful Christmas color, they were good with whipping cream and rum raisins.
The taste was excellent.

A Singaporean family came to Kura
We made Japanese pizza and dumplings. They enjoyed tea ceremony at the main building of Kura-cooking..
They loved Tatami floor, so they said they wanted to import them to Singapore.


A lot of Japanese students and students from 8 different countries came to Kura-cooking this year.
Thank you all very much.
I’m looking forward to seeing new students.
I’m waiting for your messages.

The schedule for December and January
“Let’s make Japanese cooking”

“Let’s enjoy afternoon tea”

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Kura-cooking in October

October is the Halloween month.

There were a lot of Halloween ornaments in Kura.
Some were cute, some were weird
Every ornament goes well with Kura’s atmosphere.
I believe all students loved those.

Welcome drink was hot lemon with honey.
We got a lot of vitamin C from drinking it and we were warm.

In one of the Japanese cooking lesson, a Filipino and a Japanese student took part in the lesson together.
They had a same hobby: climbing mountain.
Same birthday, same age.
They looked really happy to talking a lot as they make dishes.

Food of the Japanese class were sweet potatoes, pumpkin, chestnuts, beans, and so on.
Every food was seasonal.
Students learned how to peel chestnuts. It was easy to peel after cooking for 1minuite with a pressure pan.
We made really delicious chestnuts’ rice.

October was the best season for Pike conger.
It’s a high quality fish with plenty of fat.
The taste was really good.
Beans were special with eye shaped. It called “Kurakakemame”

They were good for Halloween.
But taste was really delicate, we felt seaweed scent.


Menu: Pike conger broiled soy sauce, Pumpkin and mushroom salad, Kurakake beans salad
Chestnut rice with oats, Taro soup, Sweet potatoes stick

They enjoy wearing Halloween costume in the class on Halloween day.

In Afternoon tea class, we made something weird.

The tea of this month: Rooibos tea of sweet potato, pumpkin, and chestnut
Chai is the best tea for this season. It made our body warm.

Menu:Cardamom pumpkin scones, Pumpkin dumpling,
Witch’s finger bread
Pumpkin color was really beautiful and smelled sweet.

I had a very good Halloween cooking lesson with a lot of students.
I think my students also had a good Halloween dinner with their families.
Please send some photos of it to Kura.
The schedule for November and December
“Let’s make Japanese cooking”

“Let’s enjoy afternoon tea”
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Kura-cooking in August

August is Children’s summer vacation month, so people who can’t come to Kura in regular months could join some classes. I was really happy to meet those people.
There were regular classes, a class for a family from Thailand, class for a Filipino who is really interested in Japanese dishes, class for mothers and daughters. They were all exciting classes.


Welcome drink was a black berry drink which was home- made. I used fresh black berries from one of my Kura-cooking students, with sugar, and vinegar. It had a lot of vitamin C. All students loved it.It was the best drink in hot days.

The table flower was the crape myrtle which bloom for 100 days in summer. I think the color was sophisticating.
The regular classes:
Steamed fish with ginger sauce, Thin Japanese basil pancake, Marinated ladyfingers, Cooked rice with fresh soybeans, Steamed egg custard, Winter melon jelly

Steamed fish with ginger was mixed with sesame oil so its taste was Chinese. Thin Japanese pancake was similar to Korean. Summer egg custard was really plain. Winter melon jelly was similar to apple jelly.

Students from Thailand didn’t cook in their country. But they enjoyed very much and also cooked well. From now on, they will cook something in Thailand.

Children in mothers and daughter’s class was excited and cooked very well. We made Chinese dumplings.
They made skins of dumplings and filling well.

Filipino wanted to make Tonkatsu. We made healthy Tonkatsu.
She said, she could eat just a few pieces in a Tonkatsu restaurants.
But she could the tonkatu she cooked. I was really happy.

In Afternoon tea lesson we made blueberry scones with sour cream. Sour cream scones was fresher than clotted cream. They were good for summer!

Thank you very much for the students. I am really sorry for people who couldn’t meet up with the schedule. I’m looking forward to seeing them in the near future.
The schedule for August and September
“Let’s make Japanese cooking”
“Let’s make Japanese sweets”
“Let’s enjoy afternoon tea”
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Kura-cooking in July

A lot of students came to Kura in July.


12 students of an USA Company came for a Japanese cooking class and build a new team.
They enjoyed and had exciting moment. A class of 12 students was the biggest class so far in Kura cooking.
There were 7 Americans and 5 Japanese.
Well, American air was floating everywhere! America was in Kura…
And everybody cooked well.


Filipino who is learning to make Japanese dishes very hard in Kura came to learn about Chinese dumplings.
She wanted to learn how to make Chinese dumplings and finally she could make it very well. She made boiled Chinese dumplings and grilled Chinese dumplings. The number of repertoires of Japanese dishes she can make is increasing.


I prepared some dishes for strengthening the immune system and for cleaning the blood in hot summer in my regular classes. We used a beet which was harvested from my garden. It is called “a miracle vegetable”
It has a lot of nutrient. The color was really red. After touching it, hands and cutting board became red like in a murder scene.

In afternoon tea lesson, we made spicy green curry and chapatti which with herb instead of sandwiches.
The blueberries tartlet dough was made with tofu refugee. I also taught them how to make iced tea.

There was an afternoon tea class as a small class reunion meeting
It was just like cooking lesson at school. Students looked like high school students, so every food tasted really fresh.


We decorated the table with a rose flower and served red Japanese basil cordial with gas water.
Every student could see an artichoke flower at the entrance. It was purple and very beautiful.
I spent a really exciting July.
I say thank you to my students and everyone who read this article.

The schedule for August and September
“Let’s make Japanese cooking”
“Let’s enjoy afternoon tea”
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Kura-cooking in May


Many students came to Kura in May.
There were not only Japanese students but foreign students from America, Tukey, France, and Philippine who want to know Japanese culture and dishes.
Some Japanese people enjoyed drinking Maccha in front of the Golden screen, some wanted to walk around the garden, some wanted to learn how to make Japanese dishes and some wanted to make English afternoon tea cakes
Foreigners also enjoyed cooking Japanese dishes.
There were many kind of flowers in my garden.


Many flowers were blooming beautifully in my flower bed by the gate.
A lot of iris were also beautiful and many students were surprised to see artichokes in my garden. Artichokes are really rare in Japan.
The reason I grow artichokes is because I want to eat them in Japan but Italian style. I couldn’t find them in any supermarket in Japan.
The students were welcomed by ornaments of 6 frog and 2 cats.

6 frogs means “mukaeru(welcome)” mu means 6, kaeru means frog.
Welcome drink was honey lemon drink. It was served chilled and hot depending on the classes.
The table flower was chive which is herb. Its purple color was really cute.
The keyword of the month was “refreshing taste”, it is easy to eat in rainy season.
In the rainy season, there is too much water in the body. We don’t need to drink much water, but we want to drink something. So fermented food is good for health.
We don’t want to drink much water after taking fermented food but our bodies need more water after taking some seasoning (salt or soy sauce)

We ate a lot of vegetable and yogurt, miso, fermented salt, lemon salt instead of other seasoning,
Classes for foreigners:

Ball-shaped sushi・No broth miso soup・Baked onion・Teriyaki chicken・Steamed Japanese cake
Classes for Japanese:

Steamed chicken breast with yogurt, Croquet of new potatoes and Kimchi, Rotus and fresh leeks dumplings, Japanese honeywort rice, Butterbur miso soup, Japanese tomato steamed cake
Afternoon tea class:

Lemon scone with lemon curd and clotted cream, Rice pudding, Steamed carrot cake,
Tomato focaccia, Onion focaccia
To every students
Please make today’s dishes for your families, and live healthy in the rainy season.

Reservation is starting for June and July, please contact me.
I’m waiting for your mails or phone calls.
≪Let’s enjoy Japanese cooking≫ 10:30~14:30
≪Let’s enjoy Afternoon tea≫10:30~13:30
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