KURA cooking


Dried radish with tomato sauce


≪Ingredients≫ serves 3

Dried radish                        25g

Onion                                   1/2

Enoki mushroom                 50g

Carrot                                  1/2

Soy sauce garlic                  1piece

Ginger                                  1piece

Tomato puree                       150g

Miso                                     1tbsp

Soy sauce                             1tbsp

Salt                                       a little

Olive oil                               1 tbsp

Love                                     a lot


  1. Wash dried radish then soak in  water. (Don’t pour out the water)
  2. Thin slice onion, cut Enoki mushroom 5cm , shred onion, and chop a piece of garlic and ginger.
  3. Put olive oil, garlic, and ginger in a frying pan then stir fry them.
  4. Add onion, carrot, and Enoki mushroom to 3.
  5. When all become soft, add 1 and stir fry them.
  6. Put water from 1 and tomato puree in 5 and cook until it becomes a paste.
  7. Add miso, soy sauce, salt, and love to 6 and serve.                                                     ©2018Yuko Asano

Mixed dried persimmon and nuts


≪Ingredients≫ serves 5

Dried persimmons                         10

Mascarpone cheese                        100g

Walnuts                                                        40g

Love                                                a lot


  1. Remove seeds from dried persimmons and thin slice.
  2. Bake walnuts at 180℃ for 8min.
  3. Mix 1, 2, mascarpone cheese, and love.


©2018Yuko Asano




Lilly Bulb’s steamed egg

≪Ingredient≫ serves 2

Lily bulbs                         1/2

Japanese basil                  2

Egg                                 1

Kelp and bonito broth      150㏄

White soy sauce               1/2tbsp

Mirin                                1/2tbsp

Cooing wine                     1/2tbsp

Salt                                   a little

Love                                  a lot


  1. Wash lily bulbs well and separate every pieces.
  2. Steam 1 a little.
  3. Mix beaten egg and broth, then add seasoning and love.
  4. Put 2 into bowls and pour 3.
  5. Put Japanese basil on top and steam over medium heat for 15 min.                                                  ©2018 Yuko Asano

Yuzu pannacota

≪Ingredients≫ serves 6

Milk                                  300cc

Whipping cream              100cc

Agar                                  30g

Yuzu jam                          150g

Sugar                                3tbsp

Love                                  a lot


  1. Mix agar and sugar.
  2. Put 1 and Yuzu jam into milk and melt on medium heat.
  3. Turn off the flame then add whipping cream and love.
  4. Put 3 into bowls and cool.
  5. Put Yuzu jam on 4 and serve.

©2018 Yuko Asano


Beef Udon

≪Ingredients≫serves 2

Frozen Udon                    2

Broth                                1000cc

Mirin                                2tbsp

Coking wine                     2tbsp

White soy sauce               2tbsp

Soy sauce                          2tbsp

Salt                                   1.5tsp

Spring onion                     2tbsp

Fish paste                         4pieces

Love                                  a lot


Cooked beef

Beef                                   300g

Water                                100cc

Cooking wine                   2tbsp

Sugar                                2tbsp

Soy sauce                          2tbsp

Ginger                              1piece

Love                                  a lot


  1. Cut beef into a bite- size and slice ginger.
  2. Put 1, water, cooking wine, sugar, soy sauce, and love into a pot.
  3. Boil 2 until soup becomes condensed.
  4. Put frozen noodle into hot water to be soft.
  5. Put all seasonings, 4 and love into the broth.
  6. Put 5 into noodle bowls then add chopped spring onion and fish paste on it then serve.


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