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Edible Chrysanthemum salad



≪Ingredients≫serves 2

Edible Chrysanthemum                              1p/c

Tomatoes                                                      2

Ricotta cheese                                              30g

Avocado                                                         1

Lemon juice                                                  1tbsp

Herb salt                                                      1/2tbsp

Olive oil                                                         2tbsp

Love                                                              a lot


  1. Cut edible chrysanthemum to 2cm.
  2. Cut tomatoes into bite-size pieces.
  3. Cut avocado into bite-size pieces and put lemon juice
  4. Cut ricotta cheese into small pieces.
  5. Put 1, 2, 3, and 4 in bowls.
  6. Sprinkle herb salt, and love then put olive oil on it and serve.         ©2018Yuko Asano




Sushi in fried tofu


Rice                                        C3

Cooking wine            1tbsp

Kelp                           1piece

Vinegar                      3tbsp

Salt                             1tsp

Sugar                         1tbsp

Fried tofu                  9pieces

Soy sauce                   3tbsp

Mirin                         3tbsp

Sugar                         1.5tbsp

Broth                         400㏄

Dried young sardine   50g

Sour plums                2

Fried tofu                  2pieces

Turmeric                    2tbsp

White soy sauce        1tbsp

Spinach                      1pc

Sesame                      3tbsp

Sugar                         1tbsp

Say sauce                   1/2tbsp

Love                           A lot


  1. Wash rice then put kelp and add cooking wine and water and wait for an hour and half.
  2. Remove kelp and cook rice.
  3. Put cooked rice into a bowl and add vinegar, salt, and sugar.
  4. Cut fried tofu into half then open the inside and cook with broth, soy sauce, mirin, with love.
  5. Mix dried young sardine and chopped sour plum.
  6. Thin slice fried tofu then stir-fry with turmeric and white soy sauce.
  7. Boil spinach then mix sesame, sugar, and soy sauce
  8. Put 3 into 4 then decorate 5,6, and 7 on top as shown above and serve.                                                                                                                                                                             ©2018Yuko Asano

Heart shaped rice


Rice                    C3

Cooking wine     1tbsp

Water                 C3

White cloud ear mushroom           2pieces

Smoked salt        1tsp

Sour plum           4

Love                    a lot


  1. Wash rice and pour water.
  2. Soak white cloud ear mushroom in water then chop.
  3. Mix 1and1.
  4. Add cooking wine to 3 and cook.
  5. Mix smoked salt and half of 4 and chopped sour plum and the other half of 4.
  6. Make heart shape like four-leaf clover



©2018Yuko Asano



Cooked berry pork


Berry pork                                      600~700g

Water that has been used to wash rice       1000cc

Water                                              600㏄

Cooking wine                                 60㏄

Mirin                                              60㏄

Soy sauce                                        4tbsp

Sugar                                              2tbsp

Hot pepper Miso                             1/2tbsp

Leek                                                1

Sunny lettuce                                 5

Love                                                A lot


  1. Grill every side of berry pork on the frying pan with oil.
  2. Put water that has been used to wash rice in the pressure cooker and heat.
  3. Put 1 into 2. After boiling, simmer it for 5 min. on law heat.
  4. When the pressure decreases, take meat out and wash it to remove oil.
  5. Cut 4 into 3cm. Put it in the pot with leek, seasoning, and love then simmer for 10 min.
  6. Take out leek from the pot then simmer for 20min.
  7. Put mustard on top and serve.                       ©2018 Yuko Asano

Chinese cabbage salad


≪Ingredients≫ serves 2

Chinese cabbage              75g

Yuzu skin                         1/2

Yuzu juice                         1/2

Salt                                   1/4tsp

Love                                  a lot


  1. Cut Chinese cabbage
  2. Thin cut Yuzu skin.
  3. Mix Yuzu juice with 1,2,and love.

©2018 Yuko Asano



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