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Cooked butterbur and pork

≪Ingredients≫serves 4
Butterbur 5

Sliced berry pork              150g
Cooked wine                     1/2tsp
Salt                                     1/2tsp

Konyaku                           1pack
Leek                                  1
Ginger                               1piece
Sesame oil                        1tbsp
Cooking wine                  1tbsp
Soy sauce                         2tbsp
Salt                                   1/2tsp

Love                                   a lot
1. Separate stems and leaves of butterbur.
2. Boil stems for 5 minutes and put them into cold water.
3. Cut pork into bite-size pieces and put salt and cooking wine.
4. Peel 2, then thin slice.
5. Stir-fry chopped leek and ginger with sesame oil.
6. Add 3, konnyaku, and 4 to 5 and stir-fry well.
7. Put cooking wine, salt, soy sauce, and love in 6.
8. Put 7 on the leaves and serve.

©2019Yuko Asano


CookEd bamboo shot and ear fungus

≪Ingredients≫ serves 5
Bamboo shoot                                              1
Ear fungus                                                    3
Broth                                                              500㏄
Cooking wine                                               1tbsp
Mirin                                                             1tbsp
Soy sauce                                                      1tbsp
Salt                                                                 1/2tsp
Love                                                               a lot
Mix potato flour and water
Potato flour                                                 1tbsp
Water                                                            2tbsp
Tree buds                                                      5
1. Boil bamboo shoot with skin, chili pepper and rice bran. (When bamboo shoot become tender, turn off and keep it through night.
2. Cut 1 vertically then thin slice.
3. Soak ear fungus in water and thin slice.
4. Put broth in a pot, and put cooking wine, mirin, soy sauce, salt with love.
5. Cook 4 for 10minutes.
6. Turn off the fire and put mix potato flour and water into 5 to make thicken soup.
7. Put 6 in bowls and tree buds on top and serve.

©2019Yuko Asano


Mix steamed cabbage and sweet summer oranges

≪Ingredients≫ serves 2
Cabbage leaves 2leaves
Sweet summer oranges 1/2個
Dried sardine 1tbsp
White soy sauce 1/2tsp
Salt 1/4tsp
Chopped parsley 1tbsp
Love a lot
1 Cut cabbage into 2 cm square, then steam for 5min.
2 Peel sweet summer oranges and cut into suitable sizes.
3 Mix 1.2.dried sardines, white soy sauce, half of chopped parsley, and salt with love.
4 Put 3 in bowls and sprinkle the remaining chopped parsley on top.
©2019Yuko Asano


Cooked taro and dried sardine

≪Ingredients≫ serves 2
Small taro                                               10
Dried sardines                                       10g
Broth                                                       250cc
White soy sauce                                    1tbsp
Sugar                                                       1tbsp
Cooking wine                                         1tbsp
Mirin                                                       1tbsp
Green laver                                            1tbsp
Love                                                          a lot
1. Heat dried sardines in microwave for 1 min.
2. Peel taro and cut into bite-size pieces.
3. Cook 1 and 2 with broth, white soy sauce, sugar and cooking wine.
4. When taro become soft, add mirin, love, and 1.
5. Put 4 in plates and green laver on top.

©2018Yuko Asano


Cooked vegetbles

Radish                                             250g
Konnyaku                                       1/2
Lotus root                                      200g
Burdock                                         1/2
Bamboo shoot                              1/2
Carrot                                            1
Dried shiitake mushroom            4
Chicken thigh                              250g
Broth                                             500㏄
White soy sauce                          2tbsp
Soy sauce                                     1tbsp
Mirin                                            2tbsp
Salt                                               1/2tsp
Olive oil                                       1tbsp
Pea-pods                                     10
Love                                             a lot
1. Peel the radish, carrot, lotus root and cut in like half-moon shapes, wash burdock well and cut in like corn shapes, tear konnyaku, cut bamboo shot into half-moon shapes.
2. Then soak 1 in 50℃ hot water for 20 minutes
3. Soak dried shiitake mushroom in water for 1hour and cut into 1/4.
4. Cut chicken thigh into bite –size pieces.
5. Stir-fry 4 with olive oil, add 2, 3, with love.
6. Put 500cc broth (soaked water from 3 + broth) in 5 and cook until all the vegetables become soft.
7. Steam pea-pods and cut half.
8. Put 6 into bowls and 7 on top and serve. ©2018Yuko Asano

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