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Lily bulb Japanese cake

Lilly bulb rice      150g
Sugar          50g
Salt          a little
Wolfberries       5
Love          a lot
1. Steam lily bulbs.
2. Mash 1.
3. Add sugar, salt, and love to 2.
4. Mix well on the law flame.
5. Return the dry wolfberries with black tea.
6. Make ball from 4 and put 5 on top and serve.

©2018 Yuko Asano


Sweet green beans soup

≪Ingredients≫ serves 5
Green beans             2cup
Water                        4and 6cup
Sugar                        200g
Salt                            a little
Basil seeds               1 tsp
Water                        2tbsp
Love                           a lot
1. Cook green beans and 4 cup of water with a pressure pan until it boil, then discard all hot water.
2. Put another 6 cup of water into 4 and cook until it boil.
3. Turn off the fire of 2 and wait until it the pressure decrease.
4. Put sugar and salt into 3.
5. Mix basil seeds and water.
6. Put 3 into a bowl, then add 5 and serve.

©2018Yuko Asano


Sweet green beans soup with fermented rice drink and milk

≪Ingredients≫ serves 2
Green beans sweet soup                        200㏄
Milk                                                           100㏄
Fermented rice drink                             100㏄
Basil seeds                                                1 tsp
Water                                                        2tbsp
Love                                                           a lot
1. Cook green beans with sugar and water until beans become tender.
2. Mix 1, fermented rice drink, milk, and love.
3. Mix basil seeds and water.
4. Put 2 into a bowl, then add 3 and serve

©2018Yuko Asano


Plum dumpling

Coarse rice powder                 200g
Sugar                                          40g
Hot water                                  250g
Plum syrup                               50㏄
Plum paste(White beans paste +marinated plum)200g
Love                                           a lot
Hydrangea leaf                        12
1. Mix coarse rice powder and sugar
2. Mix syrup and hot water.
3. Put 1 into 2 and wait for 10 min.
4. Heat 3 for 5 min. in microwave and wait for 10 min.
5. Mix white beans paste and plum syrup.
6. Make 12 balls of 4 and 5.
7. Wrap balls of 5 with balls of 4
8. Put Hydrangea leaf on a plate and put 7 on it and serve.

©2018 Yuko Asano


Japanese tomato steamed cake

Tomato juice                   150㏄
Water                                150㏄
Flour                                 100㏄
Sugar                                100㏄
Tomatoes                        2
Tomato leaves                6
Love                                 a lot
1. Sieve flour and sugar.
2. Add water, tomato juice, and love to 1.
3. Pour 2 into a container.
4. Put thin sliced tomato on 3.
5. Steam 4 in a microwave for 8 min. at 700w.
6. Cut 6 pieces of 5 and serve.

©2018Yuko Asano

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