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Stir-fried hot cucumber

≪Ingredients≫serves 2
Cucumber                        1
Salt                                    1/2tsp
Can of mackerel             1/2can
Salt                                    1/2tsp
Shichimi pepper             1/2tsp
Love                                  A lot
1. Thin slice cucumber and put salt and wait for 5 min.
2. Squeeze 1.
3. Stir-fry 2 with oil from mackerel can.
4. Add mackerel to 3 and stir -fry.
5. Put salt, Shichimi pepper , and love to 4.

©2018Yuko Asano



ladyfingers and potato soup

Broth                                300cc
Potato (meiqueen)     2
Ladyfinger                       1
Salt                                    1/2tsp
White soy sauce             1tsp
Cooking wine                  1tsp
Mirin                                 1tsp
Love                          a lot
1. Make broth with kelp and tuna.
2. Thin slice lady fingers and potato.
3. Put 2 into 1 and cook until they become tender.
4. Add salt, white soy sauce, cooking wine, mirin, and love to 3.

©2018Yuko Asano



Plum dumpling

Coarse rice powder                 200g
Sugar                                          40g
Hot water                                  250g
Plum syrup                               50㏄
Plum paste(White beans paste +marinated plum)200g
Love                                           a lot
Hydrangea leaf                        12
1. Mix coarse rice powder and sugar
2. Mix syrup and hot water.
3. Put 1 into 2 and wait for 10 min.
4. Heat 3 for 5 min. in microwave and wait for 10 min.
5. Mix white beans paste and plum syrup.
6. Make 12 balls of 4 and 5.
7. Wrap balls of 5 with balls of 4
8. Put Hydrangea leaf on a plate and put 7 on it and serve.

©2018 Yuko Asano


Salmon Salad

≪Ingredients≫serves 2
Salmon                                      140g
Fermented rice with salt       2tsp
Olive oil (For fly)               50cc
Konnyaku noodle                    1/2pc
Onion                                         1/2
Cloud ear mushroom              2
Cucumber                                  1/2
Olive oil                                      1tbsp
Vinegar                                       1tbsp
Yuzu pepper                               1/2tsp
Salt                                               1/2tsp
Love                                             a lot
1. Cut salmon into bite-size pieces. Then add fermented rice with salt to salmon and rub it.
2. Cut Konnyaku noodle into 2cm. Rub it with salt and boil.
3. Thin slice onion, cloud ear mushrooms, and cucumber.
4. Marinate 2 and 3 with olive oil, vinegar, Yuzu pepper, salt, and love.
5. Put flour around 1 and fly with olive oil.
6. Put 5 on 4 on the plate and serve.

©2018Yuko Asanol


Mix summer radish and plum

≪Ingredients≫serves 2
Radish                                    5cm
Dried young sardine            2tbsp
Sour plum                              1
White soy sauce                    1tsp
Green laver                            2tsp
Love                                        a lot
1. Cut radish into 1cm quarter slices and heat for 1min. in the microwave.
2. Remove the seed from the sour plum and chop it.
3. Mix 1 and 2 to dried young sardine, white soy sauce and add love to it.
4. Put green laver on 3 and serve.

©2018Yuko Asano

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