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Cooked rice with plums and basil seeds

≪Ingredients≫serves 3
Rice                                2Cup
Water                             2Cup
Sour plums                   2
Basil seeds                    1 tbsp
Love                               A lot
1. Wash rice.
2. Add plum, basil seeds, and love to 1 and cook.

©2018Yuko Asano


Pork medallion with Japanese ginger

≪Ingredients≫serves 2
Pork medallion                         250g
Salt- marinated rice molt      1tbsp
Flour                                          2tbsp
Black vinegar                            3tbsp
Soy sauce                                   2tbsp
Mirin                                          1tbsp
Salt                                             1/2tsp
Japanese ginger                      2
Potatoes                                    2
Lady fingers                             2
Love                                           a lot
1. Cut pork medallion into 1cm thick.
2. Put salt-marinated rice molt into 1.
3. Put flour around 2 then bake with olive oil.
4. Chop Japanese ginger.
5. Steam potatoes and cut into bite-size pieces.
6. Mix black vinegar, soy-sauce, mirin, salt, and love and add to 4.
7. Marinate 3 and 5 with 6.
8. Cut ladyfingers vertically. ( see the picture above)
9. Put 7 and 8 on a plate and serve,

©2018Yuko Asano


Potato salad with beats

≪Ingredients≫serves 2
Potatoes               2
Beats                    1/2
Mayonnaise       1tbsp
Salt                      1tsp
Japanese basil   2
Sesame               1tbsp
Love                    a lot
1. Steam potatoes and beats.

2. Mash 1.
3. Chop Japanese basil and rub with salt then wash.
4. Mix 2, 3, mayonnaise, salt, and love.
5. Make balls of 3cm size from 4.
6. Put roasted sesame around 1/3 of 5.
7. Put 2 of 5 and 1 of 6 on a plate (as shown in the picture above) and serve.

©2018 YukoAsano



Sweets corn scones

Flour                               200g
Baking powder             2tsp
Sugar                              25g
Grains of corn              120g
Butter                            60g
Milk                                5tbsp
Love                                A lot
1. Mix flour and baking powder.
2. Mix butter, 1, and sugar well.
3. Add Grains of corn, milk, and love to 2.
4. Die cut 3 with scone cutter.
5. Bake 4 for 20 min. in the oven at 180℃.

©2018Yuko Asano


Green curry and chapattis

≪Ingredients≫serves 3
Green curry
Jews mallow                    100g
Green pepper                   5
Japanese basil                 5
Cashew nuts                    30g(Fried them then soak in water)
Ginger                               1piece
Garlic                                1piece
Lemon grass                    2
Broth                                200㏄
Love                                 a lot
Coriander                       2tsp
Cumin                             2tsp
Olive oil                          1tbsp
White soy sauce            1tbsp
Yuzu pepper                  1/2tsp
Lemon juice                   1tsp
Zucchini                         50g
Eggplant                        1
Small tomato                10
Salt                                 a little
Pepper                           a little
Strong flour                200g
Bran flour                    2tbsp
Salt                                1tsp
Water                            140㏄
Olive oil                        1tsp

Love                              a lot

1. Blend from Jew mallow to lemon grass and love with blender.
2. Put olive oil into the pot and stir-fry coriander and cumin, then add 1 and broth to it.
3. When 2 starts boiling, put yuzu pepper, white soy sauce, lemon juice and love, then cook for a few min.
4. Cut vegetables into 1cm cube then stir-fry with salt and pepper.
5. Mix from strong flour to water and knead it with olive oil, then cut into 6 pieces.
6. Extend round 5 into 15cm circle then bake both side with frying pan.
7. Mix 3 and 4. Serve it with 6.
©2018Yuko Asano

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