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Winter melon jelly

≪Ingredients≫ 5
Winter melon            200g
Sugar                           1tbsp
Water                          200㏄
Apple juice                 200㏄
Sugar                          45g
Agar                            15g
Love                            a lot
1. Peel the winter melon and cut into 1cm square.
2. Mix sugar and 1, then heat in a 700 W microwave for 5 min.
3. Mix agar and sugar.
4. Put 3 into boiling water to melt.
5. Add apple juice and love to 4.
6. Pour 5 into 5 bowls.
7. Put whipping cream and leaves on top and serve as shown above.

©2018Yuko Asano


Steamed fish with ginger

≪Ingredients≫serves 2
White fishes              2pieces
Ginger                        1piece
Cooking wine            3tbsp
Leeks                          1/2
Soy sauce                   50cc
Cooking wine            25㏄
Mirin                          25㏄
Japanese pepper     1/4tsp
Sesame oil                50㏄
Love                           A lot
1. Make an incision in the center of the fish, then put grated ginger in it.
2. Put cooking wine on 1, and heat in the microwave for 5min.
3. Put soy sauce, cooking wine, mirin, Japanese pepper, and love on 2.
4. Put chopped leek and hot sesame oil on 3 and serve.
©2018Yuko Asano


Marinated ladyfingers

≪Ingredients≫serves 2
Ladyfingers                   5
Cooking wine                2tbsp
Soy sauce                       2tbsp
Salt                                  a little
Sesame oil                      1tbsp
Love                                 a lot
1. Wash ladyfingers and cut off the stocks, then steam.
2. Mix all seasoning and love.
3. Cut 1 vertically.
4. Marinate 3 into 2 for a while, then serve.

©2018Yuko Asano


Sweet green beans soup

≪Ingredients≫ serves 5
Green beans             2cup
Water                        4and 6cup
Sugar                        200g
Salt                            a little
Basil seeds               1 tsp
Water                        2tbsp
Love                           a lot
1. Cook green beans and 4 cup of water with a pressure pan until it boil, then discard all hot water.
2. Put another 6 cup of water into 4 and cook until it boil.
3. Turn off the fire of 2 and wait until it the pressure decrease.
4. Put sugar and salt into 3.
5. Mix basil seeds and water.
6. Put 3 into a bowl, then add 5 and serve.

©2018Yuko Asano


Sweet green beans soup with fermented rice drink and milk

≪Ingredients≫ serves 2
Green beans sweet soup                        200㏄
Milk                                                           100㏄
Fermented rice drink                             100㏄
Basil seeds                                                1 tsp
Water                                                        2tbsp
Love                                                           a lot
1. Cook green beans with sugar and water until beans become tender.
2. Mix 1, fermented rice drink, milk, and love.
3. Mix basil seeds and water.
4. Put 2 into a bowl, then add 3 and serve

©2018Yuko Asano

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