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Lotus seeds jelly

Flour                                   100g
Sugar                                  100g
Water                                 300㏄
Sweet lotus seeds             10個
Love                                    A lot
1. Mix flour and sugar.
2. Add water to 1.
3. Pour 2 into a container.
4. Add sweet lotus seeds to 3.
5. Steam 4 with love for 6 minutes at 700w in a microwave.
6. When 5 become cold, cut into 6 pieces.

©2019Yuko Asano


Lotus seeds rice

Rice                              3cup
Dried lotus seeds      1/2cup
Salt                               1/2tsp
Cooking wne              1tbsp
Water                         3cup
Black sesame            A lot
Love                            A lot
1. Put rice, lotus roots, salt, and cooking wine in a rice cooker, then pour water.
2. Cook 1 with love.
3. Put 2 into rice bowls and sprinkle black sesame and serve.

©2019Yuko Asano


Lotus butterfly cake

Lotus powder                    1tbsp
Butter without salt          70g
Flour                                  100g
Egg                                     2
Sugar                                 100g
Baking powder                1tsp
Salt                                     1/2tsp
Lotus seeds sweet paste 4tbsp
Love                                   A lot
1. Knead butter.
2. Mix flour and baking powder.
3. Put sugar into 1 and mix. Repeat this 2 times.
4. Add egg to 3.
5. Put 2 into 4, salt, and lotus powder with love.
6. Put 5 into baking pans.
7. Bake 6 for 20 minutes at 170
8. 7 becomes cold, cut off top and put lotus seeds paste.
9. Put on the top like a butterfly.(see the picture above)

Lotus seeds sweet paste
Dried lotus seeds 100g
Sugar 80g
Salt a little
Love a lot
©2019Yuko Asano


Vegetable soup with rice

≪Ingredients≫serves 4
Onion                        1/2
Potato                        1
Broth                         800㏄
Rice                           60g
Olive oil                    1tbsp
Salt                            1/2tsp
Pepper                      1/2tsp
Miso                          1tsp
Love                          a lot
1. Thin slice onion, cut potato into bite-size pieces
2. Put olive oil , onion, potato, rice, and salt in order in a frying pan.
3. When everything is tender, put pepper, and miso with love.
4. Make soup from 3 with mixer.
5. Pour 4 into soup cups, then put green leaves and serve.

©2019Yuko Asano


Mackerel rice with grated radish


≪Ingredients≫serves 4
Rice                                        2 cup
Cooking wine                       1tbsp
Radish                                   100g
Canned mackerel                1can
Soy sauce                              2tbsp
Sesame oil                            1tbsp
Black sesame                       2tbsp
Chopped spring onion       2 tbsp
Love                                       a lot
1. Wash rice and wait for one hour and half.
2. Add cooking wine and can broth to 1 and cook.
3. Mix grated radish, then put soy sauce and sesame oil.
4. Chop spring onion.
5. Put 2 in bowls, then put 3 on rice.
6. Sprinkle shopped spring onion, sesame with love and serve.

©2019Yuko Asano

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