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Cooked butterbur and pork

≪Ingredients≫serves 4
Butterbur 5

Sliced berry pork              150g
Cooked wine                     1/2tsp
Salt                                     1/2tsp

Konyaku                           1pack
Leek                                  1
Ginger                               1piece
Sesame oil                        1tbsp
Cooking wine                  1tbsp
Soy sauce                         2tbsp
Salt                                   1/2tsp

Love                                   a lot
1. Separate stems and leaves of butterbur.
2. Boil stems for 5 minutes and put them into cold water.
3. Cut pork into bite-size pieces and put salt and cooking wine.
4. Peel 2, then thin slice.
5. Stir-fry chopped leek and ginger with sesame oil.
6. Add 3, konnyaku, and 4 to 5 and stir-fry well.
7. Put cooking wine, salt, soy sauce, and love in 6.
8. Put 7 on the leaves and serve.

©2019Yuko Asano


Fried pork filet with coarse rice powder

≪Ingredients≫serves 2
Pork filet                                             180g
Miso                                                     2tbsp
Coarse rice powder                           50g
Sesame oil                                          50㏄
Love                                                     a lot

1. Cut pork filet into 1cm thick.
2. Put miso around 1.
3. Put coarse rice powder with love around 2.
4. Fry 3 with sesame oil.
©2019Yuko Asano


Pork medallion with Japanese ginger

≪Ingredients≫serves 2
Pork medallion                         250g
Salt- marinated rice molt      1tbsp
Flour                                          2tbsp
Black vinegar                            3tbsp
Soy sauce                                   2tbsp
Mirin                                          1tbsp
Salt                                             1/2tsp
Japanese ginger                      2
Potatoes                                    2
Lady fingers                             2
Love                                           a lot
1. Cut pork medallion into 1cm thick.
2. Put salt-marinated rice molt into 1.
3. Put flour around 2 then bake with olive oil.
4. Chop Japanese ginger.
5. Steam potatoes and cut into bite-size pieces.
6. Mix black vinegar, soy-sauce, mirin, salt, and love and add to 4.
7. Marinate 3 and 5 with 6.
8. Cut ladyfingers vertically. ( see the picture above)
9. Put 7 and 8 on a plate and serve,

©2018Yuko Asano


Pork Cutlet

≪Ingredients≫ serves 2
Pork chuck roll 2
Fermented rice mold with salt 1tbsl
Bread cramble 50g
Olive oil 2tbsp
Flour 4tbsp
Egg 1
Love a lot
1. Slightly cut around the pork chuck roll.
2. Put fermented rice mold with salt on 1 and rub it.
3. Fry bread cramble with olive oil.
4. Put flour, egg, and 3 in order.
5. Bake 4 in a 200 degree oven for 15 min. until they become golden color.
6. Put 5 and vegetables on a plate and serve with sauce.

©2018Yuko Asano


Mix chicken breath and yoghurt

≪Ingredients≫serves 2
Chicken breath                                                 250g
Salt                                                                    1tbsp
Yoghurt                                                            4tbsp
Chopped onion                                                2tbsp
Lemon juice                                                      1/2tbsp
Curry powder                                                   1tbsp
Fresh vegetables                                                a lot
Love a lot
1. Cut chicken breath into bite-size pieces.
2. Put salt on 1 and rub it well and wait for 10min.
3. Steam 2 for 10min.
4. Mix yoghurt, chopped onion, lemon juice, curry powder, and love.
5. Mix 3 and 4.
6. Put 5 on the fresh vegetables and serve.( see the picture above)
*How to soft chicken breath: Pierce the meat a lot and put it in the vinyl bag and put 50cc water, 1tsp of salt and sugar in it. Then rub 100 times and wait for 1day in a refrigerator.

©2018Yuko Asano

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