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Fried pork filet with coarse rice powder

≪Ingredients≫serves 2
Pork filet                                             180g
Miso                                                     2tbsp
Coarse rice powder                           50g
Sesame oil                                          50㏄
Love                                                     a lot

1. Cut pork filet into 1cm thick.
2. Put miso around 1.
3. Put coarse rice powder with love around 2.
4. Fry 3 with sesame oil.
©2019Yuko Asano


Lotus roots pudding

Lotus roots powder             1tbsp
Sugar                                      60g
Agar                                       2tsp
Water                                    100㏄
Soybean milk                       160㏄
Love                                       A lot
1. Mix lotus roots powder, sugar, and agar.
2. Put 1 in a pot and add water, then place on the fire.
3. When 2 melt well, add soybean milk and love until it becomes thick.
4. Pour 3 in bowls and put them in a refrigerator.
5. After 1hour put dried papaya and raisins on top and serve.

©2019Yuko Asano


Black sugar buns

≪Ingredients≫12 pieces
Flour                                              200g
Black sugar                                  80g
Baking powder                            5g
Hot water                                    100cc
Red bean paste                           240g
Love                                             A lot
1. Melt the black sugar in hot water ,
2. Mix flour and baking powder.
3. Mix 1, 2 well and add love to it.
4. Divide 3 into 12 pieces.
5. Divide the red bean paste into 12 pieces.
6. Wrap 5 with 4.
7. Steam 6 over a medium flame for 10 minutes.
8. You can decorate with a rabbit template as shown above.

©2017Yuko Asano


egg soup

≪Ingredients≫serves 2
Broth                                                    300㏄
White soy sauce                                 1 tbsp
Salt                                                       1tsp
Yuzu pepper                                       1/2tbsp
Boiled egg                                           2
Japanese ginger                                1
Love                                                    A lot
1. Make broth with kelp and bonito.
2. Make soft boiled egg. (Boil for 8min. from boiling water)
3. Season 1 with white soy sauce, salt, yuzu pepper, and love.
4. Thin slice Japanese ginger.
5. Put 2 into soup cups and put 4 on top then pour 3 and serve.

©2018Yuko Asano



≪材 料≫8個
薄力粉          250g
グラニュー糖       25g
ベーキングパウダー    小2
塩            一つまみ
バター          50g
牛乳           70g
クコの実         大2
杏(ドライ)       5個
生クリーム        200㏄
ラムレーズン       適宜
愛情           たっぷり
1. 薄力粉・ベーキングパウダーはふるっておく
2. 1にバターを加えてさらさらになるまで手で混ぜる
3. 2にグラニュー糖・塩・牛乳を加えてよく混ぜる
4. クコの実は紅茶でもどしておく
5. 杏は細かく刻んでおく
6. 3・4・5・愛情をよく混ぜる
7. スコーン型でぬく
8. 200℃で13分焼く

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